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Our Mission....

The fanciest spaces and most humble of places have the same common denominators... four walls, a ceiling and a floor. From simply advice or working with your existing cherished pieces, to making a fresh start; from one piece at a time to whole home projects, we've been helping our clients make wise choices and avoid expensive mistakes for 25 years.

It was a pleasure to work on hundreds of projects through my previous company, Humphrey Interiors. After two years abroad and five years working as an interior design project manager for a global company I decided that home is definitely where the heart is.

Whether fancy or humble, helping you to interpret and express your style is our area of expertise.

I'm Sam (Kinnard) Lamont and I've had the pleasure of working with so many wonderful people over the years, helping each one to realize changes that made a world of difference.

As much or as little as you would like, refreshing is refreshing.

Our objective is to help you make your house, your home.

Because there's no place like home.

Offering you.....
All things Decor & Furnishings

Please be patient as we will be bringing our website up to speed over the next few weeks.

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